Individuality becomes electric.

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TECHART is Premium Individualization for every Porsche model. The new TECHART range for the Taycan model is all about your individual perception of the ideal electric sports car. Fully charged by emotional body styling and interior materials of the highest quality. With custom made forged wheels and new options for enhanced driving performance.
In the current development of the new TECHART range for the Taycan, TECHART merges new technologies and traditional workmanship, virtual reality design and real life testing.
  • aerodynamic body styling, created in both the digital world and artisan clay modelling
  • 3D prototyping and real-life on track proving as well as wind tunnel testing
  • new aerodynamic components and body styling details as well as new forged wheels which can be further refined according to your preferences
  • high-grade raw materials and select interior leathers, fabrics and new textures for an outstanding interior of your Taycan. Processed by TECHART's skilled master craftsmen.

    Unifying elements of all TECHART personalization features: the renowned quality level of genuine TECHART products and the unrivaled diversity allowing you to customize nearly every detail to your personal preference.

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